Photo of the month

Collecting the Waitrose community matters cheque!

Dray Horses on Brewery Field.

Bee on Flower.
Sent in by Ray Stewart

The new pergola at Bishops Palace Gardens.

The new toolshed at Oaklands Park Community Garden

Getting ready for planting

Signs of spring
Sent in by Ed from Bishop's Palace Gardens

Harvesting Leeks
Sent in by Ed Bowrin­g, thank you Ed

The start of the new poly tunnel in Bishops Palace Gardens
Sent in by Ed Bowring, thank you Ed.

Peter May at the Pruning workshop on Saturday

This is a photo of th­e 2nd raised bed bein­g filled at Bishops P­alace Gardens.

Sent in by John Wilton - Last week, on the day when the fog did not clear, John took a photo of the Bishops Palace TC garden. The Deanery is just visible beyond in the mist.
Thank you John

Garden volunteers enjoying a Christmas dinner with produce they grew themselves.

Winter Sun in our Com­munity Garden

Volunteers c­arrying in the wood j­ust delivered for the­ new raised beds.

Sent in by Ray Stewart - the compost being leveled. thank you Ray.

Volunteers turning and adding to the compost in Bishop's Palace Gardens

Mosaic seat made as a community art project near Waterloo station London., sent in by Jenny Cole

Sent in by Ed Bowring - Some pictures from Bishop's Palace Gardens, some of the last lots of blackberries.

Sent in by Jacquie Garstin, thanks Jacquie.
This is a photo from Sue Gilson's Clothing rail at Drapers Yard. Somewhere where you can swap unwanted clothing for some you do.

The Jerusalem Artichoke flowers, enjoying some Autumn sunshine. Thank you Ray for sending this in.

A pollinating visitor, waiting to open in the morning sun.
Sent in by Ray Stewart

Sent in by Ray Stewart - Photo of Julia with a very large cabbage from our Wednesday session at Bishops Palace Gardens. Thank you Ray

This is from last years apple pressing event

One of our happy volunteers ate Bishop's Palace Gardens

Sent in by Ray Stewart, Onion Seed Head

Produce stall at Bishops Palace Gardens

Runner beans from Bishops Palace Garden

A group of volunteers planting out the squash and courgettes

Strawberries from Oaklands Park - They look delicious !

Some pictures of the bumper harvest of Onions and Broad beans from Bishop's Palace Gardens.

Sent in by Jenny Cole. This is a photo of the edible planter/vegetable tub down Whyke Road. Thanks Jenny

Photo of the week sent in by Tom Broughton. A lovely photo of our community gardens at Oaklands Park. They certainly look very healthy and full of produce.

A great Rhubarb harvest from Bishops Palace gardens.

Aluna - presented by ECO Cinema this month

Look at the huge amount of compost generously donated by the Woodhorn Group – Thank you

The blossom is now out at the Oaklands Park Orchard

The gardens are becoming busier with more volunteers - great to see such a good turn out
Thanks Ed for the photo.

Morris dancers at Green Fair

From The Green Fair

Enjoying a tea break in the sunshine – sent in by Ed Bowring

From Julia's travels - After the earthquake, residents of Christchurch create a city garden.

We are delighted to say we have won the £12,000 from the Tesco's Bags of Help campaign. Thank you to everyone who voted for us.

Photo of the week from Ed Bowring - finally Spring is here!

Sent in by Julia from her travels in New Zealand.
A great recycling idea - turn an old bath into a wayside seat!

Two volunteers enjoying the garden

Sent in by Ed Bowring, two volunteers in the garden, having a great time.

From Sandra Grugeon
A little visitor to the garden.

From Ed Bowring, Thank you Ed
Some leeks that have been recently harvested from the gardens.

From our Pruning Workshop with Peter May. It was a very informative workshop, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Sent in by Anne.
This oak tree in the field opposite her house in West Stoke.
It changes constantly with seasons, crops grown beneath, wildlife and weather.
Thank you for sending in this lovely photo Anne

Taken by Jenny Cole - Mirabelle Plum in flower at Whyke Community Orchard

From Julia. Look at this amazing huge pumpkin
Vital statistics: 8.1 kg and circumference 98 cm!

From Jacquie Garstin sent in from her September workshop. There was an easy atmosphere of supportive communication.

More photos from our Super Swap Shop December 5

Taken at our Super Swapshop – Its amazing what you can do with recycled plastic cups!

Decorated by our Youth Transition group out of recycled materials - including old light bulbs, CD's recycled wrapping paper and fabric off-cuts. Well done everyone, what a great job !

'Dolce' an Italian heirloom 'open pollinated' very sweet corn. Taken by Ray Stewart
Thank you Ray

'Fava Lunga Della Cascine' Broad Beans.
Sent in by Ray Stewart along with some other great photos of the gardens

Lots of crafty fun at the Halloween Young Transition.

This is another photo taken by Sarah Clark at our juicing event on Sunday 11th October.
As you can see we had loads of apple juice - this is just a small amount of what was produced.
We still have some in the freezer which we are hoping to use at Novembers ECO Cinema.

Taken by Sarah Clark at the fruit press on Sunday 11th October

This is the start of the Mint Garden at the Palace Gardens. Sent in by Sandra Grugeon

Bumble Bee on squash flower, taken by Ray Stewart.

Photo of my daughter Gabriella at the recent Time Machine event, sent in by Nichola Cox.

Pink fuir apples dug up from the palace garden. They taste delicious. By Sandra Grugeon

Bishops Palace garden in full bloom 7th Sept by Michael Woolley

Taken by Ray Stewart the flowers from the Hyacinth beans, Dolchis lablab. Very beautiful.

Abstract art by Ray

Cucumbers in the greenhouse at the Bishop's Palace veg plot by Ray Stewart

Harvest Time at Bishop's Palace Garden by Kate Brickell

Taken at Bishop's Palace Gardens by Ray Stewart.

Beetle in Bishop's Palace Garden by Sandra Grugeon

Pollinator on dahlia at Bishop's Palace Garden, by Ray Stewart, Saturday July 11