Green Business Directory

Transition Chichester's newest project is to create a Local Directory of Businesses and Services.

We have been approached by the Ordnance Survey(Southampton) to road-test a mapping product for them. A new innovative service to help locate locally sourced products and services online. Take a minute to have a look and feedback.


Visit the site and see what you can find right on your doorstep.

Quoting from the Press release; Chichester has been selected to trial an exciting new mobile web service that aims to give local businesses and the economy an extra boost by connecting customers to exactly what they are looking for. Unlike other local business searches the www.neartomenow.uk database contains every business currently operating in Great Britain, and its results are not biased by advertising.

Simply enter what it is you are looking for e.g. 'farmshops' and it will deliver you the nearest ten farm shops to your current location and precise directions on how to find them.

This project is set up with Transition Chichester, and thanks to the TC users the OS have had 150 hits so far.

Feedback can be left through the website www.neartomenow.uk,(use the Error message) or to me; jenny.music60@gmail.com

www.neartomenow.uk has been created by winners of Ordnance Survey's Geovation Challenge: Ben Scott Robinson says: "Through winning Ordnance Survey's Geovation Challenge we have been granted access to the most up-to-date and accurate data on British companies and their locations. Our winning idea was to create a free and fair search service that has the constraints of advertising removed, which in turn offers consumers greater choice and champions local businesses over those who can afford to dominate the traditional search engines via advertising. We are conducting the trial in Chichester because as a Transition town the appetite to shop local is already there and our search service will support that.

The following is a draft list of business and service categories we will use in our new directory:

1) Business Services and Money ~ Community finance. Local energy scheme(s) Independent ethical financial advisers? Credit unions, Local group of Positive Money?

2) Campaign and Community; Green party, Transport campaigning and sustainable transport fora, Arts and Austerity,

3) Creative Services and Events (includes Events, Marketing and Printing and Design) Art classes, Crafters and knitters, Chichester Art trail, other local art trails, Printers using vegetable inks, Events managers, Sympathetic design agencies using recycling or promoting the environment.

4) Education and Information; Where to go to find a Masters in Sustainability? A speaker on local projects, sign-posting the Transition Network and the work of Transition Chichester. Local Forest school, Home education opportunities, Montesori nurseries, Steiner schools. Schools with Eco awards, with Green class rooms, and orchards. WEA courses, U3A groups. Heart and Soul group of TC

5) Energy, Home and Garden inc Community Energy schemes?; cf Solesco, Green energy companies, Solar panel installers,
Oak frame builders, Strawbale builders, Insulation installers, Energy advisors, Recycled furniture, Low embodied energy in the home, Lighting, Sustainable heating solutions, Green roofing, Eco-homes and how to visit them.
Recycling in the garden, Community Growing, Where to buy peat-free compost,

6) Family and Leisure; the Low Carbon baby, Washable nappies, the Nappy Library, Doulas, Environmentally friendly cleaning products, NCT baby equipment sales, Eco-tourism; where to stay, How to travel by train/bus/bike in this area. Places to visit eg. Weald & Downland Museum, Amberley Museum.

7) Food and Drink; Good places to eat local produce, places to buy local produce, buy direct from the farmers though box schemes, or at the farm gate. Organic produce, biodynamic produce.
Good beer pubs, Micro breweries, Local wines, champagnes, apple and other fruit juices,
Cookery courses for local food. Wild and foraged food

8) Health and Wellbeing; Complementary health practioners (see listings that are already produced), Yoga teachers, etc etc. Peace Festival in Chichester and participants, Arts and Wellbeing projects, Outsider art at Pallant House Gallery.

9) Life Events; Green Funerals and Burial grounds, Where to buy a wicker/ cardboard coffin. Hire a green space for your wedding reception. Decorating with locally grown flowers. Celebrants of alternative funeral/weddings/christening/naming ceremonies.

10) Shopping; Ethical shopping for clothes, Jewellery from Fairtrade sources. Organic Cotton and Bamboo clothing. Hemp clothing, Charity Shops and other good places for recycling. Swap shops.

11) Travel and Transport; Bikes and Bike trailers, Cycle routes across the district from WSCC website link, Plan your journey by bike route finder. Cycle Forum. Report pothole website address, Southern Railways link, Stagecoach buses link,

12) Waste and Recycling. Waste reduction team at County, Which waste as accepted by the roadside rubbish collections; link to District Council website for up-to-date info, and what is not recycled, Recycling points, inc charity collections etc, Re-use schemes, Who can re-purpose what? Green waste re-use, Composting of green waste, how to individually,(compost bins at Oaklands Park, locally, by district council, Plastics, what can be recycled, where to recycle, reuse of plastics, what happens to waste plastics in landfill.

Would you like to help with this project? Volunteers are needed to input info, to collect and collate, to distribute questionnaires to likely businesses, and to write editorial articles to show good practice.
We have linked with Penwith Resiliance Directory writers, as their directory is being rewritten, see their webpage at http://www.transitionpenwith.org.uk/directory

Are you a local business owner in PO18, PO19 or PO20 who would like to be listed in our directory? Either because you are using and selling local products or you recycle, and keep energy costs to a minimum. You know that you are making a return to the community in an ethical way, and/or you are passionate about your links to Chichester and the surrounding area? If so we would like to hear from you.

If you fit into the categories of the Chichester Directory to be produced by Transition Chichester. Your business or service would be listed alongside other similar businesses, which would enable the person searching for you to make a choice as to how they use local, sustainable and ethical services and businesses. There is strength in numbers!

Chichester Directory meetings have been held on Monday evenings at The Crown Pub, aka Muchos Natchos on Whyke Rd Chichester PO19 8HT

Want to know more about the Chichester Directory and how you can be included in making it work? Email me on jenny.music60@gmail.com