Sew, don't throw!

Patchwork Toilet Bag

Pompom maker

Sew don't Throw meets monthly on Wednesday lunchtimes at Cloth Kits, 16 The Hornet in Chichester, PO19 7JG. We meet in the workshop upstairs at Cloth Kits. This is a lovely sunny space, with the sewing machines all set up available for use, including overlockers and a machine felter! There's space for 8 to 10 of us, and a suggested donation is £5 each.

Whether you craft or sew, this is a space for doing your projects in company. If you have children you are invited to bring them too, provided that you supervise them. Craft and sewing skills can be shared, as can completed projects. The pictures to the left are of some of the projects that were made at Tuppenny Barn's 'Create, Reuse, Upcycle'. These have been many and various, using all sorts of recycled materials, to give them new lives as toys, cards, upcycled clothing and many more.

Sew don't Throw works on the same lines as Create, Reuse, Upcycle at Tuppenney Barn in Southbourne, keeping cloth and clothing out of landfill, and making something of our throw-away society that has longer value, and can be loved. Repairs to any fabrics or textiles including leather and canvas are welcome, ideas of how to repair items will come from right across the group, as will the skills to make the repairs.

Cloth Kits has a cafe behind in Draper Yard, selling food from a vintage French van. The cafe stocks home made cakes and soups too, so the timing of 1pm to 3pm for the Sew don't Throw events is deliberate!

For dates see the calendar.

Look forward to seeing you there. Please tell your friends about our sociable sewing, and spread the dates throughout Chichester.

Contact Jenny: jenny.music (at) lycos.com