Meet the Trustees

TCL’s trustees were elected at an Extraordinary General Meeting on November 11, 2013. Their role is to support and advise the Core Group of Transition Chichester and to take responsibility for the activities of the Company Limited by Guarantee.

Jan Sander
Jan has a career history in engineering and management, but also studied environmental subjects including geology and ecology with the Open University. He has been an active volunteer and a trustee for a range of historical and environmental charities in the Chichester area over the past 16 years. Jan has been involved with Transition Chichester for over 4 years and currently holds the role of treasurer.

Julia Sander
Julia was a teacher for over 25 years, and now writes educational materials for the Caribbean and Africa. In addition, she has extensive experience of volunteer selection and management through her work for Voluntary Service Overseas and as Project Manager for Ghana for a Gap Year provider. Julia has been actively involved with Transition Chichester for 4 years; she helps with publicity and admin, and recently initiated the Young Transition project.

John Wilton
John is a retired architect who has lived in Chichester since 1973. He worked in both public and private sectors, and for the last 15 years before retiring was working as a project manager and advisor for the NHS locally. He has long been interested in environmental issues, and with his wife Claire endeavours to make their house as environmentally friendly as practicable. He was a City Councillor for 12 years, including a year as Mayor in 1992/93. As well as Transition, he is also actively involved with his local church choir, The Friends of Chartres, and St Wilfrid’s Hospice.

Matt Damper
Matt has lived in Chichester since 1975 and has been involved with Transition Chichester since its early days. Whilst actively involved in hosting the Energy Group he coordinated the long-term loan of electricity monitors and the funded acquisition of two thermal imaging cameras. Matt has always been self-employed and has concentrated on making and mending things including miniature furniture and clocks, and currently makes soft tops and seats for classic Citroens from his 1920s home in central Chichester which he has retro-fitted with as many energy-saving improvements as he can. He has long been concerned about the wasteful and environmentally damaging way the consumer society makes people live and seeks to subvert the system wherever possible. With limited time to be as active in TC projects as he once was due to the time pressures of running a business and a 14 year old son, he feels that serving as a trustee is an ideal way to continue his involvement with Transition Chichester.